New Beirut Video – “La Llorona” (Stereogum Premiere)

A while ago we mentioned that Zach Condon headed to Oaxaca, Mexico — the weaver village of Teotitlan del Valle to be exact — and hooked up with the 19-piece Jimenez Band band, who helped him get the sounds he needed for his March Of The Zapotec EP. Condon plans to release some short films documenting the experience, but in the Owen Cook-animated video for standout “La Llorna” he stayed home and wrote a narrative about a little dog, a mourner, the band, a Mexican graveyard, and a puddle of tears (or, well, rain). It helps to know that “La Llorona”‘s “the weeping woman” in Spanish and relates to a legend about a woman who killed her children then herself after she was rejected by a man. She spends her time as a weeping ghost, wandering in search of the kids.

Remember, March Of The Zapotec will be packaged together with another EP, Holland, which includes five solo Condon home recordings under his “Realpeople” moniker.

March Of The Zapotec/Holland is out 2/17 via Condon’s Pompeii Records/Ba Da Bing. Both will be available on vinyl via Obey Your Brain.

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