Desaparecidos Reunite, Perform New Bright Eyes Song In Omaha

Over the weekend, Desaparecidos reunited to perform at Concert For Equality, an event meant to raise awareness/ire about Arizona’s SB1070 immigration law and Fremont, Nebraska’s equally creepy/recently passed/ACLU-baiting city ordinance that prohibits businesses/landlords from renting/hiring illegal immigrants. Other old-timey Saddle-Creek band Lullaby For The Working Class also performed (as did Cursive, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, etc.). Oberst explains the idea behind the event/his anger at the measures before the band dig into “Hole In One.” (Damian?) We also have video of “Greater Omaha” and a mellower Bright Eyes piano-man tune, “Coyote Song,” which, as Oberst explains, was written specifically for these occasions and the Sound Strike campaign.

The Bright Eyes:

The videos are via TwentyFourBit.