Klaxons Turn To The Chronic

Poor NME. Just months after the rag coined a new genre for their present poster boys, said band is set to switch up its game. Klaxons are looking to branch out into the sweet rhythm & blues, and so naturally they’re turning to … Snoop and Dre? Via MTV UK:

“We would very much like to make an R&B record. If we could afford it.”

Bassist Jamie Reynolds added “The most interesting thing for us would be to work with Dr.Dre or Snoop Dogg. We haven?t done a record deal in America but we got to a point a couple of weeks ago where we were talking about one – and I don?t know whether or not it’s gonna happen.

“But if we did do that deal we would probably jeopardise our future working with Dr.Dre.”

Silly Klaxons. If you wanna make R&B records, not working with Dre is a good thing! And pray tell, what in the name of ecstasy are we supposed to do with all of the Day-Glo we just bought for the North American tour?