Arcade Fire – “Oh It’s Such A Shame” (Jay Reatard Cover) Live Video

“Really? That’s crazy.” So says someone within earshot of the far-off video recorder capturing this majestic rendition of the late Memphis punker’s “Oh It’s Such A Shame” at the Mann Centre in Philly last night, after Win Butler introduces it simply: “This is a song by Jay Reatard.” Surprised by the song choice? Don’t be. Just like you probably shouldn’t be taken off guard by the Canadian arena rockers (yes that’s what they are now) ability to transform Reatard’s quick-hitting, existential runaway punk into a dramatic, deliberately paced, rafter rattling song in their own mold. None of the kids clap when Butler announces the song, but they all do when it’s done. Who knows, if the Philly-based Old Folks Reviews crew were there, maybe Joe would change his mind on Jay Reatard and give this one a thumbs up? Not Ann though, because she is terrible.

(Thanks for the heads up, Consequence Of Sound)

Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is out via Merge. And the band’s show tomorrow Thursday 8/5 at Madison Square Garden will be webcast on Vevo, with direction by Terry Gilliam. Neat!