New Mary J. Blige Video (Feat. J. Love Hewitt) – “Show Love”

Sorry we forgot to remind you to set your TiVOs for Nelly Furtado’s star turn as a murder-accused shoplifter on CSI last night. But don’t worry diva lovers, we won’t make the same mistake twice! This Friday night, Mary J. joins J. Love on Ghost Whisperer, which we hear is a good cleavage, err, show. But the wheels of promotion are even in motion, so CBS talked Ms. Blige into cutting bits of her cameo (and painfully awkward shots of Love dancing in her seat at a cheerleading competition) into a video for “Show Love.” Not as bad as Jennifer’s Billy Idol butchering, but that’s only ’cause she’s not the one singing. Watch it (if you dare) at Innertube.