Justin Brings His Box To The Garden

The teenyboppers and the JT-loving hipsters packed Madison Square Garden last night to watch Timberlake make a very special addition to his live repertoire. People writes (Thanks Mike):

Though Timberlake kicked off a raucous set at 9 p.m. that had audience members including Donald and Melania Trump on their feet, the real fun started at 11:20, when an announcer appeared to introduce “a new band” that had “the most watched video on YouTube.” He ended with, “Can [this concert] get any better than this? Hell yes it can!”

Then Samberg and Timberlake took the stage ? in their Color Me Badd-style costumes and facial hair from the SNL sketch and, of course, presents attached below the belt. To wild cheering they sang “D— in a Box,” changing the holiday lyrics from “Christmas … Hannukkah … Kwanzaa” to “Valentine’s Day … Flag Day … Kwanzaa.”

ThighMaster was less impressed:

I will never let myself be dragged to a show like this ever again. While I actually do enjoy the kid’s latest album, cept for that unlistenable ‘Sexyback’ track (I still don’t get how the rest of your pleabs loves it), everything that he played that wasn’t on said album reminded me why I loathe 98% of the poop they pipe onto MTV. It was like watching a 2 hour half time show programmed by the people who choose the winners at the People’s Choice Awards … I’d rather be closer to a man tea bagging his nut sacks 5th ave into my mouth than drink from this white man’s R&B bs brew.

But Thighs Wide left before the very special boxes; who knows how much he would have hated it then? Here’s a pic, via Platform|Launch|Action.

Or just relive the fun here.