Video Hangover: “Right Kind Of Love”

It’s a timeless philosophical debate: What makes a video crappy? What makes a video great? Even the most ill-conceived and poorly executed video can make us nostalgic for a forgotten trend, or remind us of a song we used to love for all the wrong reasons. Twice a week, we dig in the MTV/VH1 archives for videos that we find noteworthy, resonant, or just unbelievably stupid. Is it crap or not? You decide…

“Right Kind Of Love”
Jeremy Jordan, 1993

A few things to consider during the 15 minutes it will take to get this song out of your head:

The dancers might be sexy, but we can?t tell
Anyone who went to high school or college during this era (early ?90s) will probably wince at the baggy, de-sexualized clothes in this video. Yes, every era has its fashion mishaps, and it?s fun to look back and point out how silly everyone looks in huge white button-downs and belly-to-knee shorts, but when you consider that this was followed, a few years later, by Britney Spears, trashy schoolgirl chic, and low-cut jeans, it?s not so funny anymore. So close, and yet so far away! Those of you who came up in the thong era should be shaking your heads in pity right now.

On the minus side, even his basketball is white
At the 1:11 mark, a shirtless JJ steps back and nonchalantly drains a 25-footer from the corner. Either this guy has serious game, or the Zapruder-like quality of the YouTube rip we?ve been studying is masking the fact that he misses by ten feet. Anybody got this on hi-def? Can we get some confirmation here?

If things had broken right, he could have been Lance Bass
JJ is the missing link in a boy-band tradition that runs from the New Kids on the Block to N?Sync. Five years on either side of 1993 and his album goes platinum (?Right Kind of Love? is at least as catchy as ?Backstreet?s Back?), but as it was the best he could do was a spot on the 90210 soundtrack. We?re currently in another down cycle for boy bands, so who is Jeremy Jordan?s 2007 equivalent? He?s industry-approved, thoroughly edgeless, very sensitive, and willing to take his shirt off for just about anything. American Idol runner up? Sounds about right to us.

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