Pavement May Or May Not Reunite

I’ve been cynical about the flurry of reunions in ’08 (and, you’d assume, ’09) because music has always seemed more enjoyable to me when it involves discovery, not nostalgia. Nostalgia is for my parents. That said, as we mentioned last year, Pavement may or may not get back together to relive their ramshackle live heyday. Earlier this week there was a post with a misleading headline (“Pavement To Reform”) at Loud And Quiet where Spiral Stairs says the guys are on good terms, “‘[I]t could be a fun thing to do, go and play your favorite songs every night!” and that we shouldn’t rule out Coachella (their booking agent is ostensibly waiting for the right price). Now, in the new Rolling Stone Stephen Malkmus also mentions the idea of the get together in the “Malkmus Discusses His Influences” feature.

It’s something to be optimistic about. We would want to practice a lot and rewrite the history books on Pavement’s live shows. Every third gig was bad.

Maybe he’ll finally get to hang out with U2.