Lefsetz On Indie Rock, Erectile Dysfunction

Industry analyst Bob Lefsetz, the hater you love to hate. Yesterday’s Letter targeted everyone with a new album on the charts. We know his “thing” is to be the cranky, old-school critic…

#47. Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah “Some Loud Thunder”
Sales this week: 18,867

That’s the power of NPR.

There’s no buzz here, nobody cares. This is third, maybe FOURTH rate indie crap. It’s a circle jerk for those no longer in school who consider themselves hip. This is IRRELEVANT!

…but at least get the fucking band name right. He goes on to say, “This chart is irrelevant. I’m only doing this analysis because my inbox is filling up with requests. Everybody wonders if I’ve FORGOTTEN about the chart. But the chart no longer makes my dick hard, it doesn’t get me off.” Oy VEY. If not the charts, what DOES get you in the mood, Bob? He wrote later:

My MacPro computer with its 23″ HD screen makes my dick hard every time I walk by it. Because it’s so fucking BEAUTIFUL!

Okay but you don’t have to SCREAM, you’ll making Billboard jealous. Just wait ’til he gets an iPhone.