Band Of Horses Working On A New Album, Playing New Songs In Concert

According to a dispatch from the Band, it’s time to start looking forward to the next record. With no shows lined up until April, they’re now headed to Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC, to work on new material — bits of which they performed on NYE at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Not the first time we’ve heard some post-Cease To Begin material live, and apparently they’ve been playing one of these tunes (fittingly titled “Older”) at shows for about a year now, but here’s a good listen to where things are headed. (I mean “good listen” figuratively of course, these are shitty live YouTubes.)

There’s the aforementioned and undeniably Jim Jamesy “Older”; one with Ben on autoharp, called “Get Some”; and the classic-BoH sounding, if it is not too early to call something classic-BoH sounding, rocker named “Keyhole.” Most intriguing, though, is the one song in the set that doesn’t have a title I could find, a soulful ballad in which Ben cedes lead vocal duty to newest Horse (and BTW in his own right) Tyler Ramsey, Bridwell content to color the tune with keyboard and high harmonies. Ben’s voice is integral to BoH’s charm, but letting Tyler take the occasional lead could lend their followup some serious Horse-power (nailed it). Check ‘em:


“Key Hole”

Don’t know what this one’s called but it’s pretty and Tyler Ramsey is singing lead

“Get Some”

If that audio quality wasn’t good enough for you, and I just can’t imagine how that could be so, try your luck at hearing the new stuff at BoH’s upcoming Cali shows:

04/15 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst
04/17 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theatre

Presale for the Santa Cruz show at, and the Oakland show at ticketmaster, starting TODAY (1/15) at 10AM PST. Password: GHOST.

[NYE ’08 pic by Christopher Wilson for the Band Of Horses tour blog.]