Oh, Perverted World

Valentine’s Day fast approaches, so The A.V. Club spoke with James Mercer about love and The Shins (via LHB):

The A.V. Club: It seems inevitable that some people have attempted to woo partners by playing “New Slang” and telling them that it will change their lives. How often do you think that actually works?

James Mercer: I don’t know. I hope it’s worked quite a bit. One of the members of My Morning Jacket pulled Dave Hernandez, our guitarist, aside and said?and I think he was kind of drunk?”Man, my wife and I, we put on Oh, Inverted World, and we just get down, man.” He was saying that they have sex?that’s one of the records that they like to listen to when they’re getting it on. That was pretty cool.

AVC: Which is, of course, why you made that record.

JM: Exactly. [Laughs.] We were trying to put Barry White out of business. Maybe we’ve got some babies out there that I’m honorary godfather to.

MMJ getting freaky to The Shins. That’s hot. We’ve talked about indie booty music before, but not about the Shins in particular. Ever do it to Mercer’s sweet songs? “Caring Is Sexy,” anybody?