Capitol Reissuing Radiohead’s First Three Albums And A Slew Of EPs

Following the greatest hits collection, Capitol’s found another way to make money off the band that used to be put out records with them: The expanded Pablo Honey, The Bends, and OK Computer will be out 3/24 as either double CDs or a double CD/single DVD set. Additionally, Coldplay’s label is giving you a dozen EPs on limited-edition vinyl from 1992’s Drill EP through the “2+2=5″ single on 4/21. More details:

Pablo Honey is expanded with the […] “Drill” EP, the “Creep” single, and a four-song BBC session from June 1992, among other rarities. The DVD includes four videos, a “Top of the Pops” appearance and nine songs taped in May 1994 at London’s Astoria.

The Bends is augmented with the classic “My Iron Lung” single, a 1994 BBC session and additional songs from the Astoria concert. OK Computer includes a four-song BBC session from 1997 and the singles for “Paranoid Android,” “Karma Police” and “No Surprises.”

You can read the rest over at Billboard, where they also mention Radiohead heads out on tour in March for a Southern American trek with Kraftwerk. NME mentions that as far as the singles reissues go, “the vinyl covers will feature the original 5″ CD artwork printed as a sticker on the record jackets.” The singles can currently be pre-ordered at Insound.

[Photo of Radiohead by Abbey Braden @ APW 2008]

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