DJ Damon Albarn Spins New Gorillaz On Radio 1

Blur are indeed entering the studio, and yesterday head monkey Damon Albarn journeyed into BBC Radio 1 to guest DJ on Zane Lowe’s show. During the two-hour set he played other folks’ songs (Dead Prez, Eagles Of Death Metal, Omar Souleyman, the Horrors) as well as some Gorillaz material: “Broken,” “Electric Shock,” and “Stylo/Binge.” We found the Gorillaz tracks sans their bookends, because it’s too early in the morning to deal with the Horrors:

“Broken” (Demo)

“Electric Shock” (Demo)

“Stylo/Binge” (Demo)

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are scheduled to head to Syria in March to start recording the third Gorillaz album. He explained his reasoning (“a real fascination with Arabic orchestral music”) on the show yesterday. You can get the full playlist at Zane Low’s page. If you scroll, you’ll also find the podcast.

[Damon “Puffy” Albarn image via Zane Lowe]