Good Charlotte, Bad DJ

What would we do without Page 6’s faithful preservation of celebrity embarrassment? Who cares, we’ll never need to know. From today’s targets:

CELEBS and rock stars frequently deejay for hot parties, but Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden was “horrible” during his performance at Bliss in New Jersey. “The club was packed,” said our spy, “but Benji didn’t know how to handle the deejay equipment. And he played the lamest songs.” The witness told us that “a loud, annoying, high- pitched hum” ruined the beginning of Madden’s per formance and that deejay Jun ior Sanchez had to rescue his friend. “People started dancing as soon as Benji stepped aside,” said the spy.

Guess they don’t have DJ stacks in the ghetto. If you’re keeping score Google folks, that’s one more in the “douche” column.