New Gun Outfit – “In The Dark”

Gun Outift remind me a bit of King Kong, though since they’re from Olympia they remind me more of a (comparatively speaking) vocally understated Some Velvet Sidewalk. They have no bassist so — continuing the SVS thing — you could easily imagine them on K, but the trio’s debut, recording entirely on analog, is forthcoming on No Ager Dean Spunt’s PPM label. He put out their debut 7″ EP a few months ago — it shows up as a part of the 11-track CD (if you go for the vinyl, your track list will end at song eight). No matter which version you nab, you’ll get “In The Dark,” which we have for you today in advance of Dim Light. It’s a short, spare, catchy bit of old-school NW pop.

Gun Outfit – “In The Dark” (MP3)

They’re planning a tour in March and April. Look for them at SXSW. Don’t look or them at MySpace: They don’t have one. You will find them, though, on the forthcoming Rough Trade compilation Counter Culture ’08 with their song “Your Will.” They have that song, along with five other tracks (including “In The Dark”) in noisier, earlier demo form at their website.

Dim Light is out 2/17 via PPM.

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