Coldplay Put On A Puppet Show For “Technicolor” Video

All sorts of news out from Coldplay HQ today, starting with a preview of the “Life In Technicolor II” video, which premieres on 4Music in the UK Tuesday night. Like Kanye and Genesis before them, the band became puppets for the clip. The just-released stills show them performing for lil’ Coldplay fans. I hope they release the puppets as toys so I can make Chris Martin fight with my Joe Satriani doll and make sweet love to my Jay-Z doll. As you might have guessed, the Prospekt’s March tune is the official next single, to be released on 7″ and digitally 2/2 with a new song, “The Goldrush,” on the b-side.

On 2/8, the band will perform at the Grammys, where they are nominated for every award. Here’s one of the new Grammy promotional illustrations, which is made up of titles of songs that inspired the band. Click to enlarge.

There’s a Thom Yorke inspiration poster too!

The Lil Wayne one is just various strains of weed.