New Q-Tip (Feat. Amanda Diva) Video – “Manwomanboogie”

Kamaal plays the part of (well dressed) train car preacher in the clip for “Manwomanboogie,” one of The Renaissance’s many clip-worthy cuts. Overtop a track nodding to “Aspectacle” from Can’s self-titled ’79 LP (Can he kick it, yes he and Lykke etc.) comes a lot of positivity about how man and woman are in this thing together. Director Rik Cordero explains:

A surreal performance setting combined with the uptempo jazzy beat inspired me to think about classic films that feature relationships between men and women on trains. Off the top of my head, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Darjeeling Limited featured some great scenes between a man and woman combined with the immediacy and urgency of a moving train about to reach its destination … The moving train to me is a great metaphor for the ups and downs, ins and outs and the rush felt between the forces of man and woman.

He calls it surrealist because of the dance party that erupts on the train, or maybe because of all the Native Americans and British redcoats everywhere.

Also in recent Q-Tip, a collab with NoJo. The Renaissance is out via Universal Motown. Tip’s on Conan this Monday (1/19) night. A few more vids until then: “Gettin’ Up,” “Move,” and “Renaissance Rap.”