New Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Weapon Of Choice”

BRMC’s been telling anyone that’ll listen that their new record Baby 81 is a shift back to their rock roots after going folkie blues-rock on their last one, and though “Weapon Of Choice” starts with that same Howlish acoustic, it’s quick to build into a full throttle rocker. But instead of returning to Jesus And Mary Chain, it sounds like the guys have been listening to A LOT of Scott Weiland. Listen to it at, where you can also hear “666 Conducer,” which sounds something like the acoustic cousin of B.R.M.C.‘s “White Palms.” No STP on that one. Audio snatchers, MP3 us! (Thanks, Ryan!)

[Pic from 2/16/06 show at Webster Hall.]

Baby 81 is out 5/1 on RCA.