What Happened With ‘Run, Ronnie, Run’

By Bob Odenkirk
Well, what happened with Run, Ronnie, Run, was [that] the director, who was somebody we’d known for six years ? I’ll refer to him as Jack Frost ? had been very cooperative and willing to execute our vision, and pretty much give it up to us at any time in the process, whether it was in the editing, or even in the directing. However, in this film, he got really distant from us, and then when it came time to edit, he asked us to leave. He came to us after the film was shot, and asked, ?Is it okay if I do the first cut?? We said, ?Sure, you worked so hard, go ahead and do the first cut. Just do us a favor and don’t overcut it, so you don’t mind changing anything.? He assured us he wouldn’t, but of course he did. He cut like crazy. He was extremely proud. He thought he’d made a perfect film. And then when we went in and started giving notes, he immediately got really frustrated and angry, and on the second day of our effort at editing, he kicked us out. And from that day on, we were not allowed to call him directly anymore, only talk to his assistant; we were never allowed to see dailies of the movie; we could only make suggestions based on cuts that he had already made, or on our memory of the shooting from weeks before. We had no recourse, and he knew it. Read more in the new Chunklet

(Also, Season 4 DVD coming.)