Bruce Springsteen On The Hold Steady

Stereogum reader Andy writes after The Hold Steady’s “ridiculously good” show at London’s Borderline on Friday night:

The guys were awesome, plowing through almost all of Boys and Girls… with wild sweaty abandon. Craig finished by telling us that whatever the differences between the english and our american cousins we all shared a potential for joy, before crashing into First Night, dragging people out of the audience and giving them their guitars to finish the song. It was stupendous. Anyway, we got talking to Franz after the show who told us that through Jesse Malin (who was a friend of theirs) Bruce Springsteen had got hold of a copy of Boys And Girls In America. Apparently The Boss dropped them an email a few days ago to say he was a fan of “Stuck Between Stations” and “First Night.”

The Boss has taste! Those are our favorites, too. We figured he’d be into their sound ’cause he sorta invented it, but it’s nice to hear he’s a fan. As for Bruce’s kinship with Jesse Malin, The Boss joins Ryan Adams, Josh Homme, and Jakob Dylan on Malin’s forthcoming, third solo record Glitter In The Gutter. We’ll get you a listen soon.