Hick In A Box

Nobody’s sold more concert tickets over the last three years in America than Kenny Chesney ($76M last year alone), a fact so attractive to Anderson Cooper that the anchor made it the subject of a report filed on last night’s 60 Minutes. Part of Cooper’s hardhitting investigative journalism included hitting a show and joining Kenny in the road case the country crooner hides in to be moved, by roadies, through a stadium of unaware fans. At that point, Kenny makes his appearance and starts the show mid-crowd (whoa, just like Arcade Fire!). Anderson and Kenny had a little time to talk, with the cameras rolling, while being carted through the crowd at a show in Detroit (via 60 Minutes transcript):

“I make these guys roll this case out like three or four times a night to get the crowd used to seeing it,” Chesney says. Chesney tours relentlessly. He has played nearly 1,500 concerts over the last 13 years. “Ok, we?re officially in the middle of the stadium now,” Cooper remarks, rolling along inside the case. “I gotta tell you, sitting in here, I always thought being a rock superstar was really glamorous.” “It?s not that glamorous, it really is not,” Chesney says. “So, where are we now?” Cooper asks. “We are in the middle of Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, and we are literally in the middle of about 60,000 people right now,” Chesney replies.

Part of the interview was spent dispelling rumors Chesney is gay. Which we believe, sure. But rolling around Ford Field for a mobile picnic with dreamy newsboy Cooper probably doesn’t help.

Watch it at CBS.