New !!! – “Yadnus”

There was only one place we wanted to be after Saturday night’s Arcade Fire magic, and that was at !!!’s barely-announced show at a mysterious space in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint. Instead, we hit Mercury Lounge for Snowden/Malajube (both great), secretly envying those 250 or so that were undoubtedly sweating out their free Jack Daniels to the sleazy, triplet-flavored banging of tracks like this, off the !!!ers forthcoming Myth Takes. Nic Offer rides the shuffle beat with his moaning falsetto, sounding like the sorta dude you want to keep your daughters away from, yelling here and there to drive the point home. He’s “fixin’ to kiss ya … all night long,” but he adds, “I’ll take anyone, New York to London.” Ladies, your chances are good.

!!! – “Yadnus” (MP3)

Myth Takes is out 3/6 on Warp.