The Police On Sale At 9AM

Ticketbastard sucks for too many reasons to list, but at least they don’t have Virtual Waiting Rooms. So head there at 9AM (in ten minutes!) for tickets to The Police’s Madison Square Garden shows (Fenway at 10AM). Good luck, and take us if you get ‘em.

But don’t worry if you get shut out, New Yorkers, there’s always A lot of you mentioned that you’d be willing to spend good $$ to see one of the reunion shows, which makes sense, but the spread on ticket prices for the 8/1 show @ MSG is unreal. $124 for Section 427, okay. But how much for 2nd row center floor? Guess then jump.

Section Floor 2 Row B (2nd Row, Center Floor) — $6,000. And it’s only gonna get worse. Good luck with TM!

UPDATE 9:03AM. We got through immediately, but after waiting in queue, were told no tix were available to meet our search (2 tickets, any price, Wednesday 8/1). SHUT OUT. Sold out in less than two minutes? Probably. Anybody get?

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