No Good Television Gets The Kiss Of Death

In July, Gene Simmons announced that he would be the chairman of a new company called No Good Television (or NGTV), which would offer original celebrity-based interviews and music videos (all uncensored, but that’s implied with Simmons), distributed through iN DEMAND and Google Video. At that point, NGTV was just in a developmental stage, having filed for an IPO with the SEC. And it now appears, sadly, that NGTV will never be. Via

There were doubts then that it would go through, and now RH reports that the company has withdrawn its planned $43.1 million IPO. The company, based in LA, had planned to raise the money to fund the launch of music- and celebrity-driven programs.

Sad news for fans of the raunchy KISS man, but we get the feeling it was all just an elaborate excuse to be able to broadcast his “Firestarter” video ad infinitum. You’re better off without it.