Beck – “Ramona” (Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack)

Here’s an isolated listen of “Ramona,” Beck’s ode to Scott Pilgrim’s love interest, the haver-of-seven-evil-ex-boyfriends Ramona Flowers, from the forthcoming indie-rock manga-satire graphic novel gone Hollywood adaptation Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Beck’s all over the soundtrack as the voice and noise behind Sex-Bob-Omb, Scott Pilgrim’s fictional band. On “Ramona,” it’s Beck playing Sex-Bob-Omb channeling Bowie. This is ground control to Major Bob-Omb:

(via 24Bit)

Stream the whole OST over at Spinner. We premiered a listen of Nigel Godrich’s score from the film the other day, which you can hear here. The soundtrack is out today, the film’s out this weekend.