If You Like of Montreal, Maybe You Will Also Like Comcast HD

If there’s one thing of Montreal believe in, it’s epic and fractured polysexual songs that nod to literature, dance music, and deeply melodic ’70s styled glam jams. And if there’s four things oM believe in, it’s polysexual songs, steak, T-Mobile, and great HD service. Comcast has spruced up their bid to be your cable service provider with a quick clip of Hissing Fauna’s “A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger.” As you watch the spot, please keep in mind that selling out isn’t possible, or at the very least, that horse feed does not pay for itself. The spot also features the guy who used to play faux-Jimmy Fallon on 30 Rock, so if you’ve been missing actor Lonny Ross this one is also for you:

Via Videogum. And chase that with this great Kevin Barnes profile in the New Yorker. Or the inauguration of President Obama. Your choice.

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