More On Britney’s Shears

Before we go any further, just thought you’d like to know that Britney checked out of rehab. Again. Anyway. Y’all are submitting some great stuff for the Good News For People Who Like Bald News Photoshop Contest! Just wanted to remind you guys that there are just a few hours left to enter. Best entry gets an unopened copy of the new K-Fed.

But that isn’t the only valuable exchange going down as a result of Britney’s shears. If you’re a fan of follicles and have $1 million, head to where, according to the site:

You can be the proud owner of Britney Spears’ hair, extensions, the Omega clipper used to cut it all off and even the can of Red Bull she was drinking at the time. You also get her blue Bic Lighter.

She’s been nuts for years. How was that domain name not taken?