For The First Time In 30 Years, Neu!’s Music Performed Live By Part Of Neu!

Michael Rother’s partner in Neu!, Klau Dinger, passed away in 2008, before the pair could complete another record (their third and last was in 1975). Since then Rother worked on putting together a box set of unreleased and live material. It inspired him to get together a group of musicians — Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, Tall Firs’s Aaron Mullan — to form Hallogallo 2010. They performed Neu!’s music live for the first time in over 30 years at Lincoln Center last week. Listen to their hour-long set (via WNYC) below:

Set list:

“Hallogallo 2010″ (Unreleased)
“Neutronics 98″ (A Tribute to Conny Plank)
“Aroma Club B3″