Your Photoshopped Britney Shears

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Good News For People Who Love Bald News Photoshopalooza. We all know why Britney Spears shaved her head (she was “really, really, really bored”, obvs). But we don’t yet know how she’s gonna accessorize it! Yes, we acknowledge we’re kicking her when she’s down (down = third rehab stint in a week), but let’s consider it punishment for inflicting Kevin Federline on the world.

Photoshop speaks louder than words, and tons of you answered our call to make art out of Britney 2.0. Many of you had the same ideas (we picked the one best executed). Many of you didn’t follow the guidelines or missed the deadline. One of you even entered this contest two years too late.

Out of all the eligible submissions, we painstakingly decided on the Top 20. View ‘em after the jump. Then help us pick the grand prize winner by identifying your favorite entry in the comments. Remember, there is an unopened Kevin Federline CD (future collector’s item) up for grabs here, so vote early and often! But not often, just once is fine.

1. Submitted By Kristin P.

2. Submitted By Norma J.

3. Submitted By Megan S.

4. Submitted By David H.

5. Submitted By Driver Eight

6. Submitted By Travis T.

7. Submitted By Max F.

8. Submitted By Brad K.

9. Submitted By Abigail B.

10. Submitted By Happy Toast

11. Submitted By Josh N.

12. Submitted By Jen

13. Submitted By Lucas R.

14. Submitted By Sean R.

15. Submitted By Steven B.

16. Submitted By Velocity Research

17. Submitted By Matt M.

18. Submitted By Chrissy H.

19. Submitted By Jennifer C.

20. Submitted By Bar Italia

Are you having a laugh? Anyone?