Kanye West – “See Me Now” (Feat. Beyoncé & Charlie Wilson) Tiding Us Over ‘Til This Bon Iver Collab We Keep Hearing About

“I’m in a speed boat with my boat shoes … I might walk in Nobu with no shoes / He was just walked in Nobu like it was Whole Foods.” In case you forgot how LOLable Kanye can be since his last tweet, here’s “See Me Now,” proving at the very least you can rhyme shoes with shoes as many times as you want if it rings like that and involves sushi. Ye’s latest premiered on Hot 97 today, apparently not so long after Beyoncé finished laying down her vocal at sunrise. By Nah Right’s count, it’s produced by West, No I.D., and Lex Luger.

So yes, already good ass collab partners, assuming this track is from the forthcoming Album Formerly Known As Good Ass Job. Although it gets better than Beyoncé, or at least, more in your wheelhouse than that egu. All through Lolla, the word came back to me that Kanye flew out Justin Vernon to his Hawaii studio for a few days, and that they worked together in some capacity, and that, at the very least, Ye’s expressed interest in using a well known Bon Iver song as a backing track/prime sample for a new Kanye song. On good authority, but anyway it’s harder not to believe something like that at this point. Keep you posted.