Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis”

Here it is, the case made in just under five minutes for why you should be anticipating Gold Panda’s debut full-length Lucky Shiner, due 10/12 via Ghostly. “Snow & Taxis” is the first listen, the album website is here. Herein Gold Panda’s playing with small-scale samples in a way Axel Wilner stitches and bucks up his microcuts, and unlike the Gold Panda breakout “Quitters Raga,” this is delivered without vocals, or if what we’re hearing at three minutes is a human voice, then without words. It’s ringing bells, loops sliced so thin they practically trance, and clubfloor beats in a Four Tet in The Field combination. Good track, hear/grab it:

Gold Panda – “Snow & Taxis”

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And here’s the cornerstone of your Gold Panda love:

Gold Panda – “Quitters Raga”

In prep for Lucky Shiner, seeking out the Before EP, and the “You” and “Quitters” singles (and their attendant bonus tracks) is highly recommended. Hey Brooklyn: Gold Panda will be at Glasslands on 8/30. Leaving you with “You,” which will also appear on Lucky Shiner:

Gold Panda – “You”

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