Video Hangover: “Grillz”

Twice a week, we dig in the MTV/VH1 archives for videos that we find noteworthy, memorable, or just unbelievably stupid. Is it crap, or is it the greatest video ever made? You decide.

Nelly, 2006

Some things to consider while you?re examining Paul Wall?s gums?

Things were going well until they opened their mouths
At first glance this seems like your typical hip-hop video. Smoking-hot women in bikinis, Nelly with his shirt off, lots of colorful hats. Everybody hanging out in slow motion and having the absolute best time ever. And then come the fifty close-ups of mouth-bling. Or, as we like to call it, Weird Al?s kryptonite.

Our Moms was not happy, and neither was Dr. Goldberg
We?ve been having a recurring nightmare about rooting through the dumpster behind Chuck E Cheese searching for the $60,000 platinum and diamond retainer we accidentally left beside the pizza box while we were off playing Zaxon.

It?s getting hot in here, so take out all you teeth
If there?s a stupider wannabe trend, in hip hop or otherwise, we can?t think of it. How long do you think it took for the guys who listened to Nelly and melted their jewelry down into custom orthodontia to regret their decision? Six, seven seconds? And you know there was at least one guy who actually had his teeth pulled, and Nelly was like ?No, man, caps! We?re all wearing caps!? This is the sort of nonsense that makes us miss Ol? Dirty Bastard.

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