Elvis Perkins Live MP3s

Artist To Watch Elvis Perkins just saw the re-release of his debut gem Ash Wednesday, a must have for fans of contemplative folk and morose, acoustic dirges. Not to say there’s no levity to Elvis’s tunes, but the pall of his mother’s death colors the record a shade of tear-stained, heart-broken blue. While out Daytrotter’s way, Elvis stopped in and recorded gorgeous takes on “Good Friday,” “Emilie’s Vietnam In The Sky,” “While You Were Sleeping,” and “All The Night Without Love.” Head over to grab ‘em. Philly kids, he’ll be at Tin Angel on 3/2, which is the perfect place to see him. Elvis also has some Spring dates coming up with CYHSY, and if you need more than The Police to convince you to get down to Bonnaroo, he’ll be there too.

[Picture from Elvis’s residency at Rockwood Music Hall last summer.]

Ash Wednesday is available on XL.