J. May Talks “Cool”

It’s the question that keeps you up at night: Is John Mayer the person cooler than his music? Or does his music out-cool him? Time Out New York spoke with Mayer about his career and The Grammys and to get to the bottom of this existential quandry.

TONY: I?m noticing that you don?t pretend you don?t care about [winning Grammys].

John Mayer: I think way more about my career than I probably need to. I aggressively try to mastermind the unmastermindable. I apply science to things where there is no science.

TONY: What do you mean?

John Mayer: I completely get off on reading about marketing stuff?not the business side of it, but the emotional side of it. I?ll have conversations for hours about album covers and how they matter. If Norah Jones?s Come Away with Me was not blue it would be an entirely different record, I?m sure of it. Continuum doesn?t have my face on the front, and it?s the best thing I could have done for the record.

TONY: Why?

JM: I am not as cool a person as the music that I make.

Not as cool as “Body Is A Wonderland”? How is that even possible? No matter, TONY pressed on, asking about whether he was concerned about his fans opinions regarding Jessica Simpson.

JM: That, too. It can be a lot of things: drugs, the wrong people, self-importance. I really do believe you can be a quote-unquote media figure and stay connected to your fans? that?s what?s great about having a blog?like, here?s me, here?s my sensibility unchanged, and if I?m saying I?m still me and then you see me with somebody in a picture more than once, you have to assume they?re a great person and that I haven?t?

TONY: Morphed into a douche bag?

JM: Exactly. I?m the same douche bag I?ve always been.

We’re thinking he’s got his coolness quotient inverted.

[Picture from the uncool axeman’s set @ ACL ’06.]

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