Baths – “Nordic Laurel” (Stereogum Premiere)

L.A.-based Heart Music Group’s throwing a warehouse party next week — that’s the flyer up above — featuring the likes of Chicago’s Light Pollution, Teen Daze, and previously loved L.A. emotional beatmusic boy Baths. This party comes with a price tag of $10, and a solid lineup, but also with an advance EP full of exclusive tracks from each artist. We’re down with Baths, so we’ve got his “Nordic Laurel” for you; it sits on the heartier side of his oeveure, with ear-warming melodies and stuttering beats, like taking Passion Pit’s gooey center and inserting it into the heart of FlyLo’s Los Angeles. Hence a good look for Heart Music’s party in Los Angeles. Sensible.

Baths – “Nordic Laurel”

Download the whole party-commemorative EP over at bandcamp.

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