Kanye Remixes, Annotates Fall Out Boy

There are remixes that are faithful to a fault, and then there are Kanye remixes. In addition to fleshing out the beat and adding some choir vocals to FOB’s “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race,” Kanye critiques the track, spitting a verse that questions just how the arms race helped them “race straight to the top.” Hey, Fall Out Boy makes a good punching bag! We’ll make a note of it. Hear Kanye’s take on the track at Buzznet. (Thanks, Laura!)


Kanye’s lyrics after the jump.

Now I don?t know what the hell this song is talking ?bout
Do you?
She said ?yeah, I?ve been spending all day tryin? to figure that out,
You too??
The arm race made ?em raise their arm and race straight to the top
Who knew?
Right now they got the number one spot do you want that?
Me too

One thing I gotta call out boy
Take a look at Fall Out Boy
?Cause they ain?t black when they get money they don?t ball out, boy
They just buy tight jeans
?Til their nuts hang all out boy
They figure they dress tight so we gonna dress tighter
He dress white so we ?gun dress whiter
So in spite of anything you might of seen or heard?this scene occurred