Sak Vid Pa Kanpe! Arcade Fire On SNL

Sak Vid Pa Kanpe! Arcade Fire On SNL

Normally we wait out the weekend before telling you if anything interesting happened on Saturday Night, but because tonight’s episode, hosted by Rainn Wilson, included an Office parody AND a Digital Short featuring an Arcade Fire cameo, we figured why wait.

In true rock-on-TV style, Win taped a message onto the face of his guitar. It appeared to read “SAK VID PA KANPE” which, if we know our Haitian proverbs (we don’t, but Wiki does), means: “An empty sack doesn’t stand up” — i.e., A hungry person cannot do anything. And then, in truer rock-on-TV style, Win smashed his acoustic to pieces at the end of “Intervention.”

We’ll update with vid when we get it. Elsewhere Mr. Wilson can be seen in the new movie The Last Mimzy, which features a new Roger Waters tune you can hear here:

Roger Waters – “Hello (I Love You)” (Stream)

Anyone else notice Win looks a bit like Will Forte these days?

UPDATE: Here’s an exclusive pic from “Keep The Car Running,” taken by our SNL spy. Click the mandolin to superenlarge. (Make it your desktop wallpaper, geeks!)

Performance vids and a Not Seen On TV report (AF played post-show!) after the jump…

Check the sweet backstage clip of SNL writer Jorm dancing to the album version of “Keep The Car Running” in front of Fire, Rainn, and Bill Hader (via Gothamist). Here’s the band’s live performance of the tune, featuring less nudity.

Meanwhile, Hard, Cutting was at the taping and filed this report:

Want to to know why Arcade Fire ran off the stage during the closing credits of “Saturday Night Live” last night?

Because, in something that is apparently rarely done at Studio 8H, they played a mini-concert for the audience. Making up the front row of the 3-song set was Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Andy Samberg, all looking absolutely transfixed by this band. The Fire has some high-powered fans, for sure, and converted a good chunk of the audience last night as well.

It’s odd that my highlight of the show happened off-camera– at the end of their three-song set, they played “Wake Up”, off the stage and in the audience. Amazing. The cameras were rolling, I’m hoping this appears somewhere.

Also a funny tidbit: Five seconds before the show went back live for Arcade Fire’s second song, Rainn Wilson looked at lead singer Win Butler and, in a very deadpan voice, asked what happened to his guitar (he had smashed it during their first song). Ha.

Oh, Dwight. Anyway, witness the guitar trashing first hand with the band’s first tune of the night, “Intervention.”

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