Kanye West, Beyoncé Play Obama Inaugural Balls

Yesterday we got a new president. Maybe you didn’t realize because of the total dearth of media coverage, but don’t worry that’s why you come to Stereogum.com. After President Barack Obama’s inauguration there were 10 official balls, including the Neighborhood Ball, the very first time an official Inaugural Ball was televised and hopefully the last time people give will.i.am a mic to putz his way through a terrible Yes We Can song. The Obamas had their first through tenth dances as First Couple to Etta James’s “At Last.” It was classy. Beyoncé serenaded them with the tune at the Neighborhood Ball (so named because Barack said “we are neighborhood people, and I got my start cleaning up community neighborhoods, suck on that Sarah Palin,” that’s a direct quote), while the Obamas did it to an instrumental version of the wedding-ceremony staple later at the MTV soiree. That latter stop on the dancefloor came with a few extra twirls and dips, Mr. President telling the crowd “that’s what you call ‘old school.'” Compare those two, along with a penguin suited Kanye medley, right here:

The Obamas First Dance (Feat. Beyoné)

The Second Most Famous Chicago Native In D.C. Does A Medley

The Obamas’ “Old School” Dance To “At Last”

(via MTV)

That might be the last time we see that Barack Obama tag for awhile. At least until we start prematurely evaluating presidential policy initiatives.