The Wonderland Murders

The Wonderland Murders

Couldn’t get into the Unicorns show at Knitting Factory last night. When did these guys become so popular? I don’t even like them that much.

It was raining so I was happy to stay home instead. Eliza baked magic bars for her office and we rented Wonderland starring Val Kilmer (believable as porn legend John Holmes), the girl from Blue Crush with two different color eyes, and Phoebe from Friends

It was a thoroughly enjoyable film, though it stole a lot from Boogie Nights, perhaps my favorite movie ever.

Plot synopsis from Roger Ebert:

“John Holmes was a porn star who became addicted to cocaine, and told his dopehead friends that Eddie Nash, a nightclub owner, kept a lot of money in his house. The dopeheads broke into Nash’s house and took money and jewelry. Not long after, Holmes unwisely arrived at Nash’s house and was beaten until he told Nash about the dopeheads. Holmes then allegedly helped Nash’s bodyguards enter the house at 8763 Wonderland Ave., in the Hollywood Hills, where the dopeheads lived. Four of them were murdered, leaving the most horrifying crime scene one of the arriving cops had ever witnessed.”

The movie doesn’t definitively explain what happened. The audience is led to believe that Holmes was a key player, but his specific role in the murders remains unclear. He eventually did stand trial, but was acquitted. Holmes died of AIDS in 1988 (he had continued to work in the porn industry even after being diagnosed with HIV). After he died, his estranged wife Sharon Holmes revealed that John visited her on the morning of the murders. Sharon is working on a book The Road Through Wonderland.

There’s a lot more to the story. Here’s a good article.

And here’s an old photo of John Holmes and Ron Jeremy.


Paris Hilton was in the movie for about twenty seconds. It was very distracting. Ironically, she was cast before her porn career took off.

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