Seventeen Evergreen Video – “Haven’t Been Yourself”

Encyclopedia Pictura, the production crew that crafted the Grizzly Bear knock out “Knife,”, also lent their eccentric charms to Seventeen Evergreen’s debut video, for the song “Haven’t Been Yourself.” The tune’s tempo-shifting space rock is visualized with a flesh-melting orgy in the forest (what else?), with an epididymal lake that ascends to the heavens, in stalagmite formation, before returning to the verdant earth below and separating again into its component droplets of humanity. Obviously.

And here’s some insider info: The liquid they used for the vid shoot is called ferrofluid, which becomes strongly polarized in the presence of a magnetic field. In order to get the money shot, they needed a camera that filmed at 50K frames/second. So there you go! Try that at home, kids. Great tune, totally bizarre (and awesome) vid. More confirmation that those EP guys are pretty far out there.

Hear Seventeen Evergreen’s LP Life Embarrasses Me On Earth here.