Scott Storch Torches Timbaland

Say that 420 times fast. Anyway, Feb ’07 is all about the fine art of diss-in-song. Fittingly, Kanye paved the way with his ego-fueled rant about a certain Boy band, and now it’s a war of the ingenue-loving studio wizards. Last we spoke with megaproducer (and Paris Hilton beatmaker) Scott Storch, he was playing coy about his chronic habits at the VMAs, but turns out he’s at no loss for words when it comes to the subject of his hit-making nemesis Timbaland.

Gather ’round, chil’en. It all started when Timbaland supposedly referred to Storch in his collab with Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake, “Give It To Me” (watch the new James Cameron-directed vid here), saying:

I’m a real producer and you just the piano man /
Your song gonna top the charts, I heard ‘em, I’m not a fan

As they say: Zing! Now Storch has responded to that relatively veiled lyrical barb with an entire fight song, calling Timba out in the intro (“What you thought I was just gonna sit back let shit ride … Timothy” — and you know that using proper names in trash talk is serious business). He then alleges steroid use (don’t go to Oz, Timba) and gets into the incendiary territory of label acquisitions (“Everything you signed to Beat Club was fuckin’ wack”). Holding nothing back! If you have a high threshold for “you gotta be kidding me,” hear it at