New Patrick Wolf – “The Magic Position”

Loving everything about precocious pop prodigy Patrick Wolf’s forthcoming, third record The Magic Position, starting with the rumbling toms and violins of “Overture” right through the bittersweet, cadential symphony of “Finale.” Along the way, Patrick spikes tunes with a collage of violins, guitars, grimey synths, big beats, and his West End ready voice. The 23-year-old has crafted a truly great and complex record, but the title track is a deceptive intro to the album: Yep, there will be wild style swings and nuanced moods to come, but on this slice of glam, jubilant pop, Wolf shows that love can feel as simple as an ascending major scale. It’s the rest of the record and/or life where things get a little more complicated.

Patrick Wolf – “The Magic Position” (MP3)

Hear some more (like the excellent first single “Accident & Emergency” and “Bluebells”) at MySpace.

The Magic Position is available now in the UK on Polydor, on 5/1 in the US on Low Altitude/Universal.

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