For Lou Barlow, Email Is A Truly Great Thing

A couple of the best advances in the recent trend toward band reformation come thanks to Lou Barlow, setting aside well-documented differences with both Eric Gaffney and J. Mascis to breathe some vitality into the beloved bands Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. But add this to The Police, Genesis, and a host of others, and this rash of reunions tips off the question: For these legends, why now? Lou’s Blackberry may just hold the answer. He spoke with The Mercury News (via LHB):

Barlow, now 40, credits e-mail with allowing both bands to get past their beefs of the snail-mail era.

“E-mail has a way of eliminating the real problems,'” he says. “Even with J. Mascis, if something really comes down, it’s easy to solve stuff in e-mails with two lines in them. . . . Whereas for some reason it’s just impossible when you’re in a practice space or you’re just hanging around.'”

We know things have gone to shit, David, but may as well give [email protected] a shot. Who knows! Anyway, here’s an MP3 of the awesome track “Been There All The Time,” from Dinosaur Jr’s forthcoming Beyond, previously enjoyable only via MySpace stream.

Dinosaur Jr – “Been There All The Time” (MP3)

We’re dying to hear the rest of the record! Anybody have?