New Psychic Ills Video – “Mantis”

Last week we gave you “Mantis,” the 10-minute opening track from the Psychic Ills’ second album Mirror Eye. As mentioned then, the New York quartet creates a smooth blend of dark psychedelia, Eastern-tinged raga, electronics, improvised space rock, offering Sun City Girls-style instrumentals, undulating hand drums, a hallucinatory haze. If you listened to “Mantis” the whole way through, your mind likely conjured various images (unless that part of your brain doesn’t work). Either way, let’s see if your imagination matches up to the tripped, lava-lamp, kaleidoscopic visuals in this Harrison Owen-directed clip. The guy the song’s named after is bugging.


In case you don’t feel like clicking to last week’s post, here’s that MP3 again:

Psychic Ills – “Mantis” (MP3)

Mirror Eye is out via The Social Registry.

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