Sparklehorse Does Live Session, Talks About Bears

To know Mark Linkous through the years is to know you aren’t gonna get him to gab much, but even in his dry, concise interview responses, the guy’s charm is evident and subtly revealing. So fans of Sparklehorse should check yesterday’s session at WNYC’s Soundcheck show, where the band performed a couple of old tunes, and Mark discussed living atop a mountain in the Carolinas (“I got trapped in my house by a bear one time!”), battling depression, Daniel Johnston, and the inception of his relationship with Danger Mouse (“[It was] mutual love for The Beatles … I listened to [The Grey Album] and I just loved it”]). The set includes “Painbirds” from Good Morning Spider and “Spirit Ditch” (from the Scrabble-worthy Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot), both of which resonate despite Mark’s mild case of flu.

Sparklehorse Live At WNYC (MP3)

[Pic from Sparklehorse’s set at ACL ’06.]

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