New Other Men – “Other People”

We’re starting to get the feeling that Rob Crow, of “I Hate You Rob Crow” fame, can do no wrong. Pinback, Goblin Cock, Snotnose and The Ladies, all excellent bands for their style, grace, and choice of moniker. Crow’s solo record Living Well, released but one month ago? Fucking awesome. And NOW Rob’s gearing up for the release of his 347th project, Other Men. Only, Other Men has roots deeper than any of Crow’s other acts; the trio was once Heavy Vegetable, a band prone to “hyper spastic mood-swings” that released two records before their breakup in ’95.

The resulting story’s a good one: Drummer Manolo Turner became a gardener; bassist Travis Nelson took up residence in a monastery in Thailand with silent monks, disappearing for years (you can’t make this shit up); and Rob went on to become our hero. Eleven years later, they got the band back together for Wake Up Swimming, the first release on Rob’s label Robcore Records — and yes, we absolutely adore it.

Here’s the must have lead track, with mathy riffs, tempo swings, and that patented Crow coo. And what’s on Rob’s mind these days? He sings:

I’m a little girl when I’m around you /
I’m a screaming little bitch

Ahh. The majesty of love.

Other Men – “Other People” (MP3)

Wake Up Swimming is out 3/20.