New El Guincho – “Bombay” (Live)

When BTW Pablo Díaz-Reixa aka The Guincho first start spreading his way through all the blogspots, the people were like “this is on some Animal Collective shit, only tropicalia and sunny and perfect for summer.” And then Animal Collective went and stole all those adjectives for themselves. So where does that leave poor Pablo? Well you can take the sun-dappled descriptors but you can’t take the man’s beach-jam melodic sense, and El Guincho still has plenty of beach-jam melodic sense in his system, and possibly also tacos in his system. This unreleased cut, titled “Bombay,” is a sexy sort of samba that comes from a live session for Mania TV. It sounds nothing like India, but it does see El (and his cohort on drumpads) keeping the BPM high, mimicking steel drums with his keyboards, singing in Spanish so while I can’t quite understand it, it makes me want to party on the beach and wear loud colors. I.e. El Guincho is still doing his job.


An older tune from The Guincho:

El Guincho – “Antillas” (MP3)

That MP3 comes from Alegranza!, which is available via XL. There’s a video for “Palmitos Park” that’s pretty fun, and also El Guincho’s contribution to our Björk tribute. No word on a new record as yet, but “Bombay” is a promising development. (By the way Pablo, they prefer if you call it “Mumbai” these days.)

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