When Arcade Fire Say “No,” Snow Patrol Says “Yes!”

Monday night marked the series premiere of NBC’s great dramatic hope for a workable Studio 60 replacement, The Black Donnellys. Anybody watch? We didn’t either. But Heroes, which was on right before it, is on fire.

And speaking of Fire (segue!), when the Donnellys pilot leaked a while back, it featured “Rebellion (Lies)” in the episode’s closing sequence. We don’t have all the facts (anyone?), but a probable licensing issue led NBC to replace the song with Snow Patrol’s “Open Your Eyes.” Now we may not have seen the aired version, but we’re gonna go ahead and say this one came out better.

For more on last-minute soundtrack switches, try this one out: Remember how we were trying to extrapolate plot significance from LOST showing the album art and liner notes for Speaking In Tongues but playing Petula Clark’s “Downtown” instead? (Are The Others fucking with us?!) Answer. J.J. Abrams ain’t that crafty.