Arcade Fire, Jay-Z Perform For Team Obama

Win Butler and crew made it well known through words and live actions that the Arcade Fire were backing Obama, so it’s not surprising that the band’s still playing shows for the man now that he’s our 44th President. Last night they performed the Obama Staff Ball at the Armory in D.C.. Jay-Z, who is performing every single Obama event ever, was also there. Barack and Michelle stopped by, as did Joe Biden and his wife Jill. Right now there isn’t too much out there on the festivities, but we do know Kal Penn, aka “Kumar,” hosted. BV has a gushing first-person account that includes photos and a set list, so we can now report that the Arcade Fire played songs from Funeral and Neon Bible along with a cover of “Born in the U.S.A.” It was a private Ball of 4,000 and video footage is hard to come by, but we’re hoping someone slips and posts something to YouTube because no matter what the elite media tells you, no Presidential team is perfect.

[Photo by Bao Nguyen via BV]