Arcade Fire Will Not Be Lured By Academy Award Winning Directors

After writing about The Black Donnellys’ mysterious soundtrack swap of Arcade Fire for Snow Patrol in the pilot’s closing sequence, an insider wrote us with the scoop:

Ok so apparently Paul Haggis based part of the episode on that Arcade Fire song without getting permission first. Arcade Fire has a very strict anti-licensing policy — I think they gave a song to an AIDS charity recently and they did the Six Feet Under thing but that is the only licensing they’ve ever done. I guess Haggis’ people tried to license the Arcade Fire song for the show and the band kept saying NO. So Haggis actually flew to Montreal to try to convince the band to give him permission and they still said NO, NO, NO! As you can imagine, Haggis could not understand this especially since he had just won the Oscar for best picture, etc. etc. But Arcade Fire stuck to their guns, so good for them.

Gotta admire those principles. That’s exactly what we’d do: Hold out for Grey’s Anatomy! Can’t you just see that meeting? Paul Haggis at one end of a long table, Oscar by his side, looking incredulously across the room. And at the other end of the table…